Veggie Friends


Veggie Friends flashcards for fun and educational play!

Introduce Kinesthetic learning with flashcards and our unique, simple method.

This limited-edition set includes 10 beautifully illustrated cards that you can use to encourage your little one to get moving and begin defining simple concepts in her ever-expanding world. We have included a gorgeous brass ring to keep the cards bundled between playtimes.

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Our imaginative Veggie Friends set offers parents a bite-sized tool for the simplest Mom Wins on the market.

These vocabulary cards are all about defining and understanding the exciting and ever-expanding world that your child is busy exploring. Flashcards and learning through movement foster emotional intelligence, intrinsic motivation and family bonding.

‘Run to the cucumber!’

‘Put a red block on the tomato’

‘dance over to the eggplant!’

This limited-edition sample package is a fun way to become familiar with our method and philosophy.

Additional information

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General age

As soon as your little one can move herself around the room by crawling, scooting or walking, she’s ready to take on the first stage of the In A Flash method.

Learning Methods

The In A Flash method is based on kinesthetic learning (learning through movement) and aligns beautifully with tactile learning styles such as Montessori, Pikler and Reggio Emilia.

Package includes

10 vocabulary cards with images
1 brass ring to bundle your cards in style


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