Frequently asked questions


Where do you ship your products?

The In A Flash cards currently include free shipping in the Netherlands. For international shipping, a surcharge of €4.10 applies for countries within the EU and €9.95 for shipments outside of the EU.

How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping to The Netherlands for orders over €25, to other countries in the EU for orders over €50 and to all other countries for orders over €100. A reduced shipping fee of €4.10 applies for countries within the EU and €25 for shipments outside of the EU.


What is your return policy?

You may not be as enthusiastic about the In A Flash cards as we are. Not to worry, simply get in touch with us and we will arrange a full refund – you can keep the cards!


How can I pay for my order?

You can score your In A Flash cards using PayPal, iDEAL, Klarna, Bancontact or credit card.


Which method is used for the cards?

We are dedicated to shining a brighter light on kinesthetic learning! It may sound complicated, but it is a very natural way for children to learn, play, grow and interact with their parents. View our Method page for plenty of background information.


Are the cards suitable for Montessori learning?

You bet! The cards align beautifully with all child-led methods embraced by parents and childcare facilities, including Pikler, Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia. With a deep-rooted vision of child-guided interaction with parents, the In A Flash method works without rules, instructions or limitations and focuses on guiding children and parents into moments of celebration and joy.


Which age are the cards suitable for?

If you’re looking for specifics, the cards are recommended for children between the ages of 1 and 4. This is only a small slice of the answer, however. While the cards can even be used by young infants, they can also be used by children of all ages. Founder Jodie Becker uses the cards with her 7-year-old son to promote automation in counting and even to teach him Spanish (he shares her love of languages!). They are also highly suitable for children with a cognitive disability and align perfectly to a child’s interests regardless of their current abilities.


Can the cards be used in different languages?

Absolutely! The In A Flash method is exceptionally well-suited to multi-lingual children and families – or for caregivers who will be teaching the child a new language. All cards feature inspiring illustrations without text so that they can be used by every family and every child in any language.


Which languages are available?

All of them! As the cards are text-free, they can be interpreted by speakers of any of the world’s 7117 languages. Our current instruction card is in English and the bilingual (Dutch/English) pamphlet is currently being developed. You will soon find the pamphlet in 5 additional languages on the website (German, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Russian). If you would like to read the information in a different language, please let us know!


Are the cards environmentally friendly?

Absolutely, they are crafted using beautiful FSC BioTop paper that is free of optical whiteners and chlorine. We work with Peter Print, a great local printer dedicated to sustainable printing, including their replanting programmes in the Netherlands and abroad!


Are the cards recyclable?

Even better, they’re circular! After your little one has moved on to exciting new concepts, you can use the cards for fun arts and crafts projects or pass them on to another child.


Are the cards safe for babies?

Yes, the cards are also a lovely tool for interacting with your infant. They can be actively used as a kinesthetic learning tool as soon as your child can move himself through a room (by crawling, scooting, shuffling, rolling, flying, etc.). All of our cards feature beautifully rounded corners to ensure safety and a gentle feel.


Important: Please keep the metal ring away from children under the age of 3 as it presents a choking hazard.