Article 1. Definitions

1.1. In this disclaimer, the following terms have the following meanings:

  1. In A Flash: In A Flash, the user of this disclaimer: In A Flash has its registered office at Gele Kwikstaartlande 2 in Pijnacker, The Netherlands, and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 62707671;
  2. visitor: the person who visits the website;
  3. website: the website www.inaflashcard.com of which In A Flash is the owner.

Article 2. Content

2.1. In A Flash is entitled to modify and/or supplement and/or delete the information and the functionalities of the website and the content of this disclaimer at all times.

2.2. In A Flash cannot guarantee that the information on the website is suitable for the purpose for which the visitor might consult it. All information is provided in the state it is actually in and without any (implicit) guarantee or warranty as to its soundness and suitability for a particular purpose or otherwise. The visitors are personally responsible for the choice and use of the information on the website.

Article 3. Intellectual property rights

3.1. In A Flash is the owner of the website.

3.2. All intellectual property rights to the website, the information provided on it, the text, illustrations, photos and logos, are vested in In A Flash or its licensors.

3.3. Without the permission of In A Flash or the entitled party, the visitor is not permitted to copy, publish, circulate, disseminate, multiply, modify, rent, loan, sell or distribute the website and the information, texts, illustrations, photos and logos provided on it.

3.4. Recreation of the website and use of methods, programs or robots that collect the data from the website or content are not permitted.

3.5. If a visitor acts contrary to the intellectual property rights of In A Flash, the visitor will be liable for all damage incurred by In A Flash as a result.

Article 4. Liability

4.1. The visitor cannot derive any rights from the information on the website. In A Flash does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and topicality of the information on the website. If the visitor wants to be certain that the information is correct, they must contact In A Flash by telephone or email.

4.2. In A Flash does not guarantee that the website will be available at all times and that all functionalities will always be fully available. It is possible that certain functionalities do not work due to technical circumstances.

4.3. In A Flash explicitly rejects any liability in respect of the accuracy, completeness, topicality of the information provided and the (undisturbed) use of the website and all functionalities offered on it.

Article 5. Links to third-party websites

5.1. The website contains links to other websites, such as links to social media websites or websites of shops that sell In A Flash products.

5.2. By clicking on a third-party website, the visitor leaves the In A Flash website. The visitor is aware that In A Flash cannot in any way be held responsible for third-party websites and/or for the actions of these third parties. In A Flash does not guarantee that the information on these websites is of good quality. In A Flash has no control over the content of third-party websites. Third parties can change the content of their website at any time. In A Flash cannot be expected to keep track of these changes.

5.3. The use of links to third-party websites and/or the use of services offered on these websites are at the visitor’s risk.