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open-ended play

Flashcards offer small educational snippets that inspire intrinsic learning.

They pair perfectly with (kinetic) sand, Grapat pieces, treasures your toddler gathers during walks and countless items found in the house.

We are also dedicated to shining a bright light on Kinesthetic Learning.

Read about learning through movement here.

sounds complicated?

You may be thinking: ‘I’m not a creative mom, this sounds too complicated‘ or ‘I don’t have the time to get into educational games‘. Not to worry! I needed to rediscover the joy of playing with my kids. I felt like I needed to organise activities and arrange educational games to be a great mom. 

Turns out that I really am a fantastic mama, I just need to do things on my own terms – and that meant no rules, no instructions and absolutely no forcing my daughter to play a certain way. 

This method is designed as a Grab & Go solution, so that regardless of how much (or little) time you have, you can connect and giggle with your sweetheart while helping her little mind grow!

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say no to mom guilt

Let’s collectively forgive each other and ourselves for not always enjoying playing with our toddlers and pre-schoolers. Yes, yes, we love them more than life itself and they really are brilliant little creatures – but they aren’t always fun to play with. I mean, how many cups of imaginary tea can one woman drink, people?! Let’s bring back the JOY.
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which stage is best for my child?

each stage can be used for open-ended and loose-parts play for all ages



Getting Started

Stage 1: As soon as your little one can move herself around the room by crawling, scooting or walking, she’s ready to take on the first stage of the In A Flash method.



On My Way

Stage 2: Has your little one recently surprised you by answering to a question with words or pointing? Stage 2 is a great way to fuel this growing passion for knowledge!



Ready For School

Stage 3: A realistic age to begin with stage 3 is (surprise!) age 3. It is, however, always essential to foster confidence first.

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kind to our planet

our cards are printed on beautiful BioTop paper – FSC certified and free of chlorine and optical whiteners

prep-free promise

no need to prep – get going with your favourite cards in a flash, simply grab and go!

struggling to come up with new memory-makers? we’ve got your back!

we are building up a library of no-prep activities that you can randomly pop into your busy day with your little one.