Sign Language Alphabet


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Our beautifully illustrated Sign Language Alphabet package offers parents a fun and interactive way to introduce the alphabet and sign language to young learners.

While each of our sets is suitable from birth all the way up to around 6 years, this sign language alphabet is perfect for children learning the alphabet or who are interested in taking their first steps into the rich and beautiful world of deaf culture. 

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Welcome to the world of flashcards – Bonding, Learning and Moving In A Flash!

Each Sign Language package includes the full alphabet with illustrated hands to learn the alphabet in sign language and a gorgeous brass ring to keep them bundled between playtimes.

Fun fact: for this set, we used the American Sign Language alphabet. Alphabets vary slightly per country and culture and the deaf community boasts a wide range of alternative signs to communicate with people from different regions, countries and languages.

Kids (and grown-ups) of all ages will have fun learning to spell their name in sign language! A skill that is treasured for a lifetime.

Additional information

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General age

While each of our sets is suitable from birth all the way up to around 6 years, this Sign Language set is suitable for all ages.

Learning Methods

The In A Flash method is based on kinesthetic learning (learning through movement) and aligns beautifully with tactile learning styles such as Montessori, Pikler and Reggio Emilia.

Package includes

26 beautifully illustrated cards
1 brass ring to bundle your cards in style
Brochure with information about Kinesthetic Learning (learning through movement)


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