Animal Alphabet


Welcome to the world of flashcards – Bonding, Learning and Moving In A Flash!

Each Animal Alphabet package includes a set of flashcards featuring watercolour illustrations and a gorgeous brass ring to keep them bundled between playtimes.

This enchanting theme is all about having fun learning about the alphabet. Help your little one define her ever-expanding world with these bite-sized bits of active learning and bonding.

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Get your little one moving a giggling with Movement Play! Flashcards can be used for countless purposes: simply enjoying the illustrations, added to sensory play (rice, beans, playdough), as an educational resource, and many more.

At In A Flashcard, we prefer to channel our inner ‘lazy mom’ and stick with the easiest Mom Wins on the block. Simply toss a few flashcards around the room and send your little one giggling to each card.

This is about much more than education (though the brain is optimally used during Movement Play), this is about getting back in touch with each other after a long day.

Sometimes motherhood feels like all work and no play. Even play becomes work for moms.

I needed a break, and so I developed my own way to get all the wins without the work. Give it a try!

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Learning Methods

The In A Flash method is based on kinesthetic learning (learning through movement) and aligns beautifully with tactile learning styles such as Montessori, Pikler and Reggio Emilia.

Package includes

30 beautifully illustrated cards – 10 for each core subject (vocabulary – colours – counting)
1 brass ring to bundle your cards in style


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