You come for the learning and stay for the love.

Getting started

As soon as your little one can move herself around the room by crawling, scooting or walking, she’s ready to take on the first level of the In A Flash method. Level 1 is all about defining and understanding the exciting and ever-expanding world that your child is busy exploring. This stage is also an excellent tool for building or regaining confidence in children suffering from emotional or cognitive setbacks due to toddler defiance, trauma or developmental delays. This stage fosters emotional intelligence, intrinsic motivation and family bonding, and builds a solid foundation for the concepts in the following stages. For older children learning a new language (especially from a caregiver speaking an unknown language), this level is also the perfect starting block.

On my way

Has your little one recently surprised you by responding to a question, prompt or cue? You may notice that your toddler tries to define colours by grouping items or even repeating the names of colours. Time to celebrate because these are your child’s first incredible steps toward selective learning. Bright sparks of knowledge are dancing through your child’s sense of awareness. Feeding selective learning is a positive way to ride the wave of intrinsic motivation. This is one of the 3 reasons that the In A Flash method includes 3 core concept groups. This is the stage that your child will begin to mimic more complicated concepts without fully understanding them.

Ready for school

All children under the age of 4 will enjoy and benefit from the concepts in stage 2. When your child is approaching school age, you will want to ensure that they have mastered the core concepts – colours, shapes, numbers and the early stages of counting. A realistic age to begin with level 3 is (surprise!) age 3. It is, however, always essential to foster confidence first. Together, you’ll get there in the end, and your pre-schooler is a brilliant, shining light who needs and deserves the time to develop at his own perfect pace. Only begin with stage 3 concepts if your child is already able to correctly name 5 colours and rehearse the numbers up to 10 (pre-counting). During stage 3 of the In A Flash method, you will have fun while learning to actively count with your blossoming kindergartener.